Ph.D. Program - Applied Analysis

The ICTI Ph.D. Program in Applied Mathematics offers a course of studies in Applied Analysis. The students attending the program will study both at Carnegie Mellon University and at one of the Mathematics Departments of three Portuguese institutions: College of Sciences / Universidade de Lisboa, College of Sciences and Technology / Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico / Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

Ph.D. graduates of the program will earn two doctoral degrees, one from Carnegie Mellon University and the other from one of the Portuguese partners, currently the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa (UTL), the Universidade de Lisboa (UL), and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL).

Degree Requirements

During their PhD program the students are expected to fulfill both CMU requirements and the requirements imposed by the Portuguese university they are enrolled in.

The student is required to write a Doctoral Thesis. It should be based on research in Applied Analysis and display depth and originality.

It is expected that the student's academic work in the program will be organized as follows:
    1. First year: Course work at one or more of the Portuguese universities.
    2. Second year: Course work at CMU.
    3. Third year: Thesis and advanced course work at CMU.
    4. Fourth year (and fifth year if needed): Thesis preparation and completion in Portugal.

While in Portugal the student will have academic residence at one of the Universities, but will be able to take graduate courses at any of the Universities.

The student's work will be initially supervised by a CMU/Portuguese pair of Pro Tem (temporary) advisors and, upon the beginning of thesis work, by a CMU/Portuguese pair of scientific advisors. It is expected that the Portuguese scientific advisor will spend up to one semester at CMU during the third year and that the CMU scientific advisor will visit the Portuguese institution near the completion of the program.

During their studies at CMU the students will have Teaching Assistant duties during at least one semester.

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